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INTRINSIC BOOKS is the book packaging partnership between Specialty Book marketing, Inc, and the award winning design company Studio 31, Inc. 

Since 1993 INTRINSIC BOOKS has offered the finest in packaging services to publishers, editors, agents, authors, and a variety of associations, manufacturers, and special interest groups to create books of distinction.

We produce products to specification and purpose,  products that help to promote services, companies, and brands. Our products have been used as premiums, traffic builders, loyalty rewards, gifts and incentives. We develop concepts or bring your concept to life. We offer complete project development and management services: product and market analysis, positioning, branding, editorial, design, production, and format analysis.

Creating your product, whether it is an ebook, a podcast, ezine, or a print product is only the beginning. We provide all components of successful publishing: market & sales analysis, sales projections and advice for promotion, publicity, marketing & sales, distribution, inventory & fiscal management and the tasks necessary to bring the publication to market.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Paperback: Chronicle Books  (9780811864893)
Library reference: Thelesis Aura/KWS, (9780981773605)
Collector edition: Studio 31 Inc.


Sacred Journey
A Pilgrimage to the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem

by Steven Brooke  

CONTENTS    -   Christian Pilgrimage in Jerusalem * History of The Stations of the Cross *  Prelude to the Passion * Vade Mecum: An Invitation to the Pilgrimage * The Stations of the Cross *  Bibliography and Readings
SPECIFICATION:  6" x 9",  cased and jacketed 80 pages, maps, color photographs.
DESCRIPTION: For centuries, the Stations of the Cross have been a rich subject for scholars and a beloved cornerstone for the faithful. The stunning photographs in SACRED JOURNEY present the sites of the fourteen Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem with scholarly accuracy and artistic sensitivity.  The evocative images of the ancient streets, shrines, and chapels, invite readers to embark on their own spiritual journey.
A remarkable visual journey to the most sacred sites on the Via Dolorosa and in Jerusalem, commemorating Christ's last footsteps on earth.

Internationally recognized, award winning photographer and author Steven Brooke examines Christian pilgrimage in the ancient Holy City of Jerusalem. Inspiring images are accompanied by traditional prayers and descriptive text providing insight into their history and the history of pilgrimage.


Steven Brooke is a Fellow of the Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, Jerusalem; a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome; and recipient of the AIA National Award for Photography. He has authored or contributed to over 75 books.  He can be contacted at www.stevenbrooke.com

The Patriot's Book of Days

America's proud heritage of Freedom is brought to life in this beautiful day book with over 50 full color images. This is a celebration of all that is great in this greatest of all countries. 

PLC concealed spiral, 160 pgs
6" x 9",   ISBN 0-9718870-8-X

May 2011

Nice Boy by George Veltri

Available as an eBook 
on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The Klabin Collection

by Gary D. Baldwin,  

Healing Wisdom Publications



Fly Tying With Synthetics

Proof Gold Coinage of the United States

by Robert J. Loewinger, M.D.

A numismatic expert offers the first volume dedicated to U.S. Prof Gold coins, among the rarest and most beautiful American coins.


We offer a full range of conceptual, editorial, design, development, and production services. If you have a project you want to see published, whether in print, on DVD, on the web, INTRINSIC BOOKS can bring your project to life. 

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