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NICE BOY  by George Veltri.

Announcing the publication
 of the ebook 
NICE BOY by George Veltri

ISBN: 978-0-0718870-5-3

Intrinsic Books,  Spring 2011

As fast-paced and intoxicating as the drugs that dominate the lives of its characters, this is a savage and humorous tale of a young Italian-American drug addict, his family in Queens, and the addicts, hustlers and cops he encounters in New York City's hazardous underbelly.  Follow Gregory as he slides from recreational drug user  
"Somewhere around the middle sixties, when I was a flowering adolescent, drugs were good.  Like fun." ) to hard-core junkie ("Shooting drugs is more economical than sniffing drugs. Only need about half as much.  Less wasted. Faster acting.")


NICE BOY was first published as a paperback original by City Lights Publishing.  See the stellar reviews page (all reviews refer to the original publication in the fall of 1995.)  The original paperback is no longer in print and is only available on the second hand market.  By permission of the author, we present NICE BOY here in digital form.  Author:  GEORGE VELTRI

Author George Veltri is available for readings and presentation.  Messages sent here will be delivered to the author. (LINK to bio)


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